Alumni Registration / ਕਾਲਜ ਦੇ ਪਾਸ ਆਊਟ ਵਿਦਿਆਰਥੀਆਂ ਲਈ

Basic details
Permanent Address / ਪੱਕਾ ਪਤਾ
Postal Address / ਪੱਤਰ ਵਿਹਾਰ ਲਈ ਪਤਾ
Alumni Registration Details
Year of your first admission class in this college e.g. if you were first admitted in BA-1 in July 2012 then fill 2012.
Year of last studied/exam class in this college e.g. if you left the college after May-2015 exam then fill 2015.
Your last exam/attended class in this college without year/semester e.g. B.A., B.Com, BBA, BCA, B.Sc Med, B.Sc Non-Med, MA Philosophy, M.Sc Math etc.
From any institute, not only from this college
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